Monday, 22 December 2014

Banking Matter Advocate Addressing Banking Concerns

Trade and commerce has always played a vital role in human societies and thus today banking is an inseparable part of these societies. Initially banking was all about maintaining accounts but now banking has moved from just maintaining accounts and transactions to the level where it has become the backbone of the country's economy.

Since banking plays such vital roles in the economy as well in the lives of millions of customers across the globe, there emerge numerous legal issues which need to be addressed. These issues come into the forefront almost every day owing to the large space of the economy that banking occupies. The nature of these issues varies from issues related to accounts to issues of loans; and issues of transactions in ATMs to issues of different schemes of the bank. Many customers come to terms with these where sometimes the bank is at fault and sometimes the customer himself is guilty.

Advocating banking matters requires skills at different levels. A banking matter advocate apart from being legally certified has to know the technicalities of banking as to serve his clients. The efficiency of a banking matter advocate can be measured by the amount of knowledge he possesses in the vast field of law and finance and also by the number of cases he has dealt with regarding banking. Since banking functions with multiple dimensions, addressing any legal concern related to it is not an easy task and it requires immense potential.

Clients thus need to go through an extensive study of their own cases before hiring a banking matter advocate and moving ahead with their cases. In the same manner, a banking matter advocate must carry on a detailed examination of the cases before he moves on with the further legal procedures. Such examination demands for experience and immense capabilities in the part of the banking matter advocate which result in consequences favoring his clients. Clients thus depend a lot on the banking matter advocate for their cases, so, an efficient banking matter advocate does his best to address the required concern.

Clients might find it difficult to pick the best banking matter advocate since there do exist fraud agencies dealing with such issues. Thus, clients should take the initial step of hiring a banking matter advocate with great caution. This task is made easier for clients in Delhi and NCR for they can directly log on to and hire the best banking matter advocate for their cases. Infova is a Delhi based foundation whose objective is to provide its clients with the best legal assistance regarding any case. Finding the best banking matter advocate at Infova is an easy task for clients.                                                                                                                                

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Property Matters Advocate On Making A Will

Property disputes are the major causes of rivalry between families, relatives and even siblings in India. The sky-rocketing prices of properties in urban India are responsible for the greed of materialistic societies. Litigation is not always practical as it often results in prolonged procedures, lawsuits and excessive loss of money. It is popularly said that wise people always make their will at right time to make things easier for the successors. But, those who lack foresight and dies without leaving a valid Will, their property related issues are resolved through law of intestate succession and not through testamentary succession.

"It is quite ironical that around 80 per cent people in Indian die without writing a Will resulting and their heirs end up with taking legal battles against each other. Section 2(h) of Indian Succession Act, 1925 describes Will as a legal instrument to transfer his/her own property to the person he/she names after his/her death."- Kislay Pandey, Property Matters Advocate, the Supreme Court of India.

As per Section 59 of the ISA the Will maker must be mentally sound and should be at least 18 year of age. A person can make amend an old Will or can make a fresh Will after destroying the previous Will. A Will made by a person in inebriated or unconscious condition will be treated invalid before the law. A will should be made in simple language and only in those languages which are recognised by the government of India. The language should be clear to convey that what is the intention of Will maker and to whom he really transfer the property after his/her death.

A Will becomes enforceable only after the deaths of the person who has made the Will; the testator. It is not only ancestral property that can be covered in a Will, one can also make a will of personal wealth and assets.  "The attestation of the Will by an experienced physician is also advisable to avoid latter problems, after the attestation none can claim that the testator was not in sound mental condition at the time of Will writing. Following this, there should be the appointment of a few trusted persons as the executors of the Will at the time of any legal process they need to assure that properties are transferred as per the desires of the testator." - Kislay Pandey, Property Matters Advocate, the Supreme Court of India.